Saturday July 26, 2014

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Obama's Interior Secretary Jewell wishes Alaskans would ‘get over’ King Cove road via @Amanda_Coyne
RT @kylekohli: Another Week Of Democrat Stumbles #AKSen
Tension escalates between Begich and Murkowski via @Amanda_Coyne #AKSen
Liberal Mont. Sen. John Walsh caught plagiarizing. The response from @MarkBegich? 'He'll probably get over it' #AKSen
Sen. @lisamurkowski makes it emphatically clear, @MarkBegich needs to go this November
RT @KateNocera: this awesome @mkraju piece is on #AKSen is so full of awkward
RT @kylekohli: '@MarkBegich needs to run on his own record, not mine [...] I want a Republican partner' -@lisamurkowski #AKSen
RT @BDayspring: Hypocrisy Alert: Mark Begich Fundraises on Equal Pay, Pays Women Staffers 71 Cents on Dollar #AKsen
RT @FreeBeacon: Hypocrisy --> @SenatorBegich Fundraises on #EqualPay, Pays Women Staffers 71 Cents on Dollar #aksen

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