Sunday August 31, 2014

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RT @GOP: We're putting over $100 million towards taking back the #Senate Retweet & stop Obama!
RT @BenjaminSparks: I'm actually shocked @MarkBegich felt desperate enough to put his name on this. He should be ashamed.
Dan Sullivan responds to @MarkBegich's new shamless ad #AKSen
Wait a second @politico, are you telling us Obama will not be coming to #ak? Way to ruin our Labor Day #aksen
RT @WSJopinion: Mark Begich in Alaska tries a new re-election tactic – silence.
.@MarkBegich adopts a novel reelection strategy: giving voters the silent treatment #aksen #akelect
RT @WSJopinion: Mark Begich adopts a novel re-election strategy in Alaska.
RT @alexgutierrez: Parnell seems to be the first candidate to have a grasp on how the CDQ -- community development quota -- program operate…
RT @lukemiller20: Getting ready for Kodiak fisheries debate. Tune in: #akelect

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